Enzo’s Amazing Adventure - An Artistic & Educational Colouring-In Journey

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Your very own stunning copy of Enzo’s Amazing Adventure, a unique 46-page fine art colouring-in book, focussing on Enzo and his encounters with people, flowers and animals. Postage included.

  • A4 size (210 x 297 mm)
  • Weight: 46 pages
  • Suitable for all ages and abilities

Being creative is not a learned ability, but something that is innate. Whether as children we do this through our play experiences, or in a more visual way, we all have this skill.

As we get older, our connection to being creative may slowly drop away. That which once brought joy becomes stifled or we lose our confidence. This, in itself, is sad since it is such a beautiful way to communicate, problem solve and make sense of the world. Art has the power to develop our cognitive abilities, including maths, science, and music.

Enzo’s Amazing Adventure was created as a result of wanting to fill that void between the playfulness of childhood and exploration of the visual arts, and our need as adults to feed the desire for mindfulness and expression, alongside reducing stress and anxiety.

As a fine artist, Terry is one of very few that have produced an educational colouring-in book. This makes Enzo’s Amazing Adventure even more unique, since it takes you on a journey combining storytelling with instructional and creative drawing techniques.

Each page is designed to either stand-alone, encouraging you to get lost in your own world as you connect with your artistry; or engage with it as part of the longer journey, taking each step alongside Enzo.

Choose to use grey or coloured pencils, watercolours, acrylic paint, oil or dry pastels, conte or charcoal and challenge yourself by drawing free-hand or fold the pages in half, drawing a little at a time and slow down looking carefully at the lines. Take note of the captions at the top of each page to give you an indication of what techniques you could try.

The more your progress through the book, the more you will learn about observational skills and how you can improve your drawings.

This 46-page colouring-in book, focused on animals, people and flowers, is perfect for anyone, of any age, and of all abilities.

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